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Many small business owners work beyond the typical or traditional retail world. To meet their needs and become successful, these small business owners must be able to process credit card transactions outside of their stores. To help small business achieve this we offer comprehensive wireless credit card processing services at the lowest processing rates in the industry.

Using our compact and easy-to-use wireless terminals, businesses are able to process credit and debit card transaction that will generate increased sales. Our wireless processing solutions will increase sales, reduce operating expenses, and save time and resources.

Wireless Processing

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Eliminate the potential for human error and reduce risk by entering credit card information at almost anywhere at point-of-sale. Process payments anytime, anywhere – a wireless terminal is ideal for trade shows, service calls, the trades, transportation services, and wherever your customer may be. Increase your sales – accept all major credit cards and PIN-based debit cards on our wireless terminals, which qualify for the lowest processing rates.

Wireless processing is an ideal solution for trade shows, fairs, swap meets, electricians, mobile tool sales, plumbing, handyman, repairs, service calls, limo’s, taxis, shuttles,  or other trade services. if you are on the road wireless can be a great solution.

We work with two  major wireless service providers to give you near-full coverage across the U.S.

Wireless processing reduces risk because you are able to swipe the customer’s credit card at the point of sale instead of hand keying the tranaction.

Most swiped credit card transactions on wireless terminals qualify for the lowest processing rates.

Wireless terminal features include:

  • Swiped or manual transactions
  • Acceptance of all major card types, including PIN-based debit cards
  • Approval by Visa® and MasterCard® for secure PCI PED transactions

American Express may require separate approval.
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